The Optum difference

We’ll personalize care around your unique health goals, lifestyle and medical conditions. With Optum, you’ll get better care and more coverage options.

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The Optum difference

Personalized care

Our doctors listen and take the time to understand your health.

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Wellness focus

We provide everything you need to stay healthy.

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Proven results

We use data and research to take the guesswork out of your care.

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Medicare Advantage +
an Optum doctor =
A healthier you

Choose one of our primary care providers and a Medicare Advantage plan for better care designed around you. We’ll help you live healthier every step of the way with a doctor who knows you, a personalized care plan to help you reach your goals and extra support when you need it.

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How our care works for you

By getting to know you and understanding your health, Optum doctors focus on preventing health problems before they start. With the latest data and research, we create a personalized care plan based on your individual needs. Here, having the best plan for your health is just the beginning.

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With Optum, you don’t have to choose between a great doctor or an affordable plan, you can have both.

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With Optum you will:

At Optum, your doctor and care team take the time to listen, get to know you and understand your health. Then they help you get the right screenings and guide your wellness and lifestyle choices. At Optum, you get personalized care to continue to live your healthiest life.

  • A primary care doctor and care team focused on your unique health needs
  • Faster, easier ways to get care on your terms: in the office, by phone and at home
  • Extra support beyond the exam room to help you reach your health goals
  • Lower medical costs with precisely the care you need, when you need it

Our doctors and care teams partner with each other to help coordinate your care. No matter what age or stage of health you are in, at Optum, everyone works together. We are all on the same page to make sure you get what you need to stay your healthiest.

  • Health education, nutrition tips and virtual exercise classes are just a few ways we help you beyond the exam room. Some people might feel lonely or need help with things like food or housing. Our community partners help them get the support they need for a better, healthier life.
  • We focus on helping you prevent health problems before they start. We help you manage pre-existing conditions, stay up to date with vaccines, cancer screening and more. We help you take the small steps that lead to big results.
Chronic conditions support
  • From diabetes to heart disease, your Optum primary care doctor works with care managers to help you manage your chronic and complex conditions. They support your unique health care needs while giving you precisely the care you need.

Here your doctor and care team’s priority is to keep you healthy. We help you make the best choices for your health and the smartest decisions about your care.

The right care when you need it
  • Our doctors work with the latest data on patient health outcomes to take the guesswork out of your care. We provide the treatments you need to prevent illness. By cutting out unnecessary tests and procedures, we focus only on the things that really matter for your health.
A healthier life with Optum
  • On average, Optum patients stay healthier. They spend less time in the hospital. They get checkups more often. Choosing Optum means choosing a better quality of life that starts with a better quality of health.
More choices for affordable coverage
  • Over 100 insurance companies select Optum doctors to be a part of their network. That means more choice for you when selecting a Medicare Advantage plan. At Optum, we do everything we can to help make paying for your health care as affordable as possible.

We’re here for you

At Optum, everything we do is centered around you, so you can live your healthiest life.