Get even more with
Medicare Advantage

It’s simple. Choose one of our primary care doctors and a Medicare Advantage plan instead of Original Medicare. You’ll get more care designed to help keep you healthier. And you’ll save more.

Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage, what’s the difference?

Original Medicare

Offers health insurance to U.S. citizens and qualified legal residents age 65 and older. People younger than 65 with certain medical problems also qualify for it. Original Medicare is run by the federal government, and includes two parts. Part A helps pay for hospital care. Part B helps pay for doctor visits.

Medicare Advantage

A different way to get Medicare. It covers everything that Original Medicare does, plus more. It’s sold by private insurance companies. With a Medicare Advantage plan, your doctors will talk to each other and work together to give you the care you need.

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Your Optum Primary Care Provider +
Medicare Advantage = A healthier you

It all adds up. You get a care team, led by your primary care doctor. Plus, you get Medicare Advantage with all the best of Original Medicare, and more. Look at all the ways you get what you need to live your healthiest life.

Hand-picked care team

You get a primary care doctor and a care team of specialists and support staff. They all work together to offer you the very best care possible.

Annual wellness plan

You’ll work with your primary care doctor to develop personalized health goals for the year. Then, you’ll get regular coaching to help you reach them.

Programs for long-term medical problems

Have heart disease, diabetes, or COPD? You’ll discover new levels of support to help you care for these and other health problems.

Help every step of the way

Need to see a specialist? Have questions about your prescription drugs? Need in-home care? Your primary care doctor will make sure you get the care you need, when you need it.

Everything else you need to live your best life

What Medicare Advantage plan is right for you? Ask yourself these questions.

  • What Medicare Advantage plans will my doctor and specialists accept?

  • What plans cover my medicines?

  • Which plans offer monthly premiums I can afford?

  • Which plans offer extras like dental, vision or hearing?

We’re here for you

At Optum, everything we do is centered around you, so you can live your healthiest life.