Enroll by December 7th for 2023 coverage

Enroll by December 7th for 2023 coverage

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Learn how Medicare Advantage gets you more

With your Optum doctor, Medicare Advantage is a different way to get the best of Medicare. Your doctor will personalize your care by emphasizing prevention, frequent communication, and regular checkups at no additional costs.

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Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage, what’s the difference?

Original Medicare

Offers health insurance to U.S. citizens and qualified legal residents age 65 and older. People younger than 65 with certain medical problems also qualify for it. Original Medicare is run by the federal government, and includes two parts. Part A helps pay for hospital care. Part B helps pay for doctor visits.

Medicare Advantage

A different way to get Medicare. It covers everything that Original Medicare does, plus more. It’s sold by private insurance companies. With a Medicare Advantage plan, your doctors will talk to each other and work together to give you the care you need.

*Better Medicare Alliance. State of Medicare Advantage 2022. May 2022.

About Medicare Advantage

Learn more about the Optum difference

How our care works for you

By getting to know you and understanding your health, Optum doctors focus on preventing health problems before they start. With the latest data and research, we create a personalized care plan based on your individual needs. Here, having the best plan for your health is just the beginning.

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With Optum, you don’t have to choose between a great doctor or an affordable plan, you can have both.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do Optum patients really stay healthier?2022-08-31T13:51:22+00:00

On average, Optum patients stay healthier. They spend less time in the hospital. They get checkups more often. Choosing Optum means you are choosing a doctor who is focused on preventing illnesses before they start. Our healthiest patients commit to seeing their doctors for their wellness visits and checkups, getting their health screenings when recommended, and take their medications regularly.

How does Optum help people with long-term medical conditions?2022-08-31T13:50:41+00:00

From diabetes to heart disease, your Optum primary care doctor works with their care managers to help you manage any chronic and complex conditions you may have. They support your unique health care needs to precisely provide the care most likely to improve your health. This can reduce out-of-pocket costs and get rid of tests and procedures you don’t need.

How does Optum help me prevent health problems before they start?2022-09-27T19:05:28+00:00

You and your doctor work together to create a personal care plan. We help you stay up to date with vaccines, cancer screenings, managing your pre-existing conditions and more. This helps you avoid needless medical costs and procedures. We help you take the small steps that lead to big results.

How does Optum help me stay healthy between doctor visits?2022-08-31T13:49:29+00:00

We help you stay healthy everyday by providing health education, nutrition tips, virtual exercise classes and more. With community partners, we help those who might feel lonely or alone. We also help with the social factors that affect your health.

What makes Optum different?2022-08-31T13:47:36+00:00

At Optum, your doctor and care team’s priority is to keep you healthy. This means using the rich health data that only we have to help you make better choices for your health and decisions about your care. Our doctors look at your health history and current situation and match it with our data on what keeps patients the healthiest. They then use this information to help you get the right health screenings, guide wellness and lifestyle choices, and get care in the way that’s easiest for you.

What do I get when I choose an Optum doctor?2022-08-31T13:45:21+00:00

As an Optum patient with a Medicare Advantage plan, you get:

  • A primary care doctor and care team who give personalized care and the services you need
  • Faster, easier ways to get care in the office, by phone and at home
  • Extra support to help you reach your goals
  • Cost savings by staying up to date with preventive care
How can I learn more about my Medicare choices?2022-10-13T22:05:28+00:00

The best way to learn about your Medicare choices is to talk with a licensed, independent agent. They’ll help you understand your choices and what plans are available to you. To learn more, you can also attend a Medicare event in your area taught by one of these agents.

Why is Optum a good choice for people with a Medicare Advantage plan?2022-08-31T14:28:17+00:00

Over 100 insurance companies select Optum doctors to be part of their network. This makes it easier to choose the most affordable plan for your needs.

What do I need to know about signing up for Medicare?2022-08-31T13:52:05+00:00

Your Medicare Initial Enrollment Period is a seven-month window. It begins three months before your 65th birthday, includes your birthday month, and ends three months after you turn 65. You also have the opportunity to enroll during the Annual Election Period, which is October 15 – December 7. It’s important to enroll during your enrollment window. If you do not enroll during this time, you could have a late enrollment penalty or a gap in coverage.

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